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Version 1.37 

General information:
  • The project:
    Glaser Virtual World - All About Eduard Glaser
  • Funded by "Innovation Fund of the AAS" IF2019/27
  • September 2020 - March 2023
  • Project homepage
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences
    Library, Archive and Collections: Information & Service
    Bäckerstraße 13, 1010 Vienna
  • petra.aigner(at)
Petra Aignerhead of project
Elisabeth Cernyresearch, transcription and translation
Ronald Ruzickaphotography, 3D-scanning
Simutechtechnical development
Current contents:
  • 11128 objects
  • 4393 3D-objects
  • 255706 attributes (meta-data)
  • 8505 links between objects
  • 8575 list entries/enumerations
Supported Plattforms:
  • Firefox, Edge
  • Windows, MacOS; iOS, Android (only Web-Search)
  • (all names above are trademarks of their respective owners)
All 3D objects (shown in the virtual museum and the 3D viewer) have been reduced to lower quality due to performance reasons. But users can download high quality versions from the information pages of the objects.

Copyright and legal information:
See here.


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