GlaViWo - Archive: AT-OeAW-BA-3-27-ZAMU-11-02-133

(Type of publication: letter)


Authors: Bent, James Theodore 
Recipient: Glaser, Eduard GND
Locality: London
Pages: 3
Museum number: Regionální Muzeum K.A. Polánka v Žatci (Av 11/2,133)
Provenance: Estate of Eduard Glaser (1855-1908)
Date of letter: 21.04.1893
Language: English
Creation date: 21.04.1893
'Dear Sir. It is now some time since I corresponded with you about our finds in Mashonaland at Zimbabwe; since then I have been in Abessinia to Aksum. ...
Being now thoroughly interested in this subject I am hoping ... to go into Arabia & should ... like to know what routes you have followed & what inscriptions you have copied so that I may ... not do your work over again.
If you will kindly give me information on this point, I shall be greatly obliged. ... Ys. very truly Theodore Bent'
Short description:
James Theodore Bent (1852-1897), British explorer and archaeologist, asks Eduard Glaser (1855-1908) about his itinerary and the inscriptions he has already copied during his current (= fourth) stay in Arabia in order not to duplicate Glaser's work...
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The note written by Alois Glaser (1853-1931) in the upper left corner reads: 'Nr. 154 an Sigmund das Original gesandt zur Übersetzung' (No. 154, original to Sigmund for translation)

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