GlaViWo - Archive: AT-OeAW-BA-3-27-LOAR-232-15-002

(Type of publication: letter)

Authors: Bent, James Theodore 
Recipient: Glaser, Eduard GND
Locality: London
Pages: 4
Museum number: Státní okresní archiv Louny (232-15-002)
Provenance: Estate of Eduard Glaser (1855-1908)
Date of letter: 19.06.1892
Language: English
Creation date: 19.06.1892
Date of receipt: 25.06.1892
Locality of recipient: Constantinople
'My dear Sir I am extremely obliged to you for the two letters you have written me & the interest you have shown in my South African discoveries. Curiously enough before I went out to Mashonaland I was firmly convinced that the mine were of Sassanide (?) origin. ...
... I am happily able to read German & shall be very glad to hear again from you on the subject. Again thanking you for your very kind reply to my letter I remain Ys. very truly J. Theodore Bent'
Short description:
expert discussion on the ruins in Mashonaland between the British explorer and archaeologist James Theodore Bent (1852-1897) and Eduard Glaser (1855-1908)
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The annotation written in blue pencil reads: 'eingelaufen in Constpl 25/6', i.e. Glaser received this letter in Constantinople (today: Istanbul) where he was waiting for his travel permit to be issued by the Ottoman authorities for his fourth trip to Yemen (1892-1894).

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